A New Wave of Twelve Delicious Wedding Favours.

March 13, 2020

The wedding day is just around the corner and as much as you are thrilled for your big day, you can’t help but to have this little panicky moment? Don’t worry, we get you, we’ve been there and we want you to know that it is completely normal.  We understand that you want everything to be just perfect and that’s totally fair. It is your special moment, your special day afterall. 

You have found your caterer, your dj, the dreamy venue, you have the menu figured out and the most important part, you have said ‘’yes to the dress!’’ but you are still hesitant about selecting a unique wedding favour to give your guests as a small token for their gracious presence? Well guess what? You have come to the right address. We have gathered for you twelve of the most flavorsome wedding favors that your guests will certainly enjoy.

  1. Macarons Box

We must admit that macarons taste like treats made in heaven by an angel himself. Those little fluffy delights have quickly become the favorite of many of us and they make perfect wedding favors. You also make personalised ones here at Lexia Wedding Designer

  1. Donuts

Trending in the world of dessert, those tasteful circles of happiness are sure to draw a smile on both kids and adults. For an even more personal touch, we suggest that you tag a little ‘’thank you’’ note to it. 

  1. Rock Candy

Wedding rock candy can be made in different colours,which means they can suit any theme you have picked for your special day. They don’t just look pretty and shiny like crystals, but they are also very delicious. 

  1. Popsicle

Mauritius has two seasons. Summer and winter, but to be fairly honest, even our winter feels like summer. Giving popsicles as a wedding token might just be the next best thing your guests might wish to refresh themselves on blazing hot days. Our favorite is Gourmet Popsicles in Mauritius. They are not only made from the freshest fruits, but they are also organic and they even cater for private events. Now this is what we call great news! 

  1. Candy Cotton 

A funfair favorite, candy floss never fails to ‘’yay’’ anyone. Give your guests a sugar rush to sweeten their paletes, because after all, the occasion asks for it and it is also a fun idea. 

  1. Mini Mousse Jar

Imagine sumptuous velvety white chocolate or brown chocolate mousse in a jar topped with fresh cream and some berries on top? Is your mouth watering already? Because ours are! 

  1. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is light and fresh while still remaining indulgent. The concept is in itself beautifully presented.  To make it more appealing, feel free to add some seasonal fruits to it.

  1. Bespoke cupcakes

Just like macarons, cupcakes are also becoming one of our favorites! They are delicious, artistic and yet super adorable. It is also a sweet gesture to send back your guests home with some wedding aftertaste in a small box.

  1. Nougat

Nougat is a very chic treat. Pack beautifully with a personalise note, your guests will definitely look forward to bringing those delicious treats home as party favors. 

  1.  Artisan Fruit Jelly

Artisanal fruit jellies are exactly what you need if you are looking for something different and exotic for your big day. They are sweet, delicious, small and they come in different amazing flavors. If you want to pamper your guests with something extraordinary for your wedding day. then  Domaine de Labourdonnais is the perfect place to find them in Mauritius. 

  1.  Chocolate Coated Almonds

If you are looking for something meaningful and traditional, then go for the five chocolate coated almonds. They are not only lovely and taste heavenly, but they also signify five wishes for the newly wedded couples: happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity. Now this is something special. 

  1. Cake Pop

Cake pops are becoming the latest craze to hit the wedding favor market since they have a versatile nature. If you are hunting for a place where you can customise your adorable wedding treats in Mauritius;  The Kookie 16 is the place for it. 

Let us know which one of our ‘’12 amazing wedding favor ideas’’ is your most favorite. We would be pleased to hear from you if you have some refreshing ideas. 


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